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 Score Board - AREG

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PostSubject: Score Board - AREG   Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:51 pm

Here is the Score Board for the Alliance Race Elimination Game.

Round 1
1st: Draenei
2nd: Human and Night Elf
3rd: None, since the game finishes at the point where there are only 3 choices left.

Round 2
1st: Night Elf
2nd: Draenei
3rd: Gnome

Medal Count
Human: 0G, 1S, 0B
Dwarf: 0G, 0S, 0B
Night Elf: 1G, 1S, 0B
Gnome: 0G, 0S, 1B
Draenei: 1G, 1S, 0B
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Score Board - AREG
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