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 Guild Master: Messaneo

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Location : Luleå, Sweden
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PostSubject: Guild Master: Messaneo   Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:18 am


This is your guildmasters profile page, sincerely greeting you. Razz
Follow the dots.......,
Name: Aron . . Age: 19
Birthday: 13th of July
Location: Luleå, Sweden


Drawing concept art and doing graphical artwork.

© Messaneo

Playing the guitar... well.. learning to play the guitar.. Poly is a good teacher cheers

Reading Manga and watching Anime!

Hanging out with my friends and having fun (makes my life worth living Smile )

and of course playing games as world of warcraft Razz


Favourite Books:
The Da Vinci Code, most of the Harry Potter books, Skulduggery Pleasant.
Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Warcraft series

Favourite Movies: I'm Epic btw drunken
Transformers, Jurassic Park, 300, King Kong, I Am Legend, Spirited Away, FF: Advent Children, Batman: The Dark Knight, The Matrix & All of the Disney Pixar movies

Favourite TV-Shows:
CSI, CSI:NY, Criminal Minds, Jay Leno Show, Friends, Joey etc..

Favourite Music(Genre):
I don't even know what it's called O.o .. and there are so many..

Favourite Artists/Groups:
Juno Reactor, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, Muse, System of a Down, Serj Tankian, The killers etc..


~Messaneo - Level 70 Human Mage

Alts on DB at this moment
~Desamo - Level 61 Night Elf Hunter
~Krevler - Level 35 Draenei Shaman
~Mashiwa - Level 23 Draenei Paladin
~***** - Level 17 Night Elf Druid
~***** - Level 15 Gnome Warlock
~***** - Level 9 Gnome Warrior
~***** - Level 6 Draenei Priest
~***** - Level 5 Night Elf Rogue

Characters on other Realms
I'll just take the important ones.. that I actually play with once in a while.. cause I've got like a million others spred across 12 servers -.-

~Lischa - Level 26 Undead Rogue {The Venture Co}
~Damler - Level 25 Blood Elf Priest {Karazan}
~Grollie - Level 11 Tauren Druid {Argent Dawn}
~Hindy - Level 8 Troll Priest {Scarshield Legion}
~Amaue - Level 7 Draenei Mage {The Sha'tar}
~Rothrie - Level 7 Tauren Warrior {Shattered Halls}

In-Game stuff
Favourite Race(s): Gnomes (Even though I seldom play em' Razz ), Draenei, Troll, Undead.
Favourite Class(es): Mage & Shaman, Mage for pure fun, Shammy for being the most brutal class Cool

Played Since: Ehe.. I think I started around August - September, in 2005 ^^'

Online time: It really differs.. mostly around 21:00 - 03:00 right now.. but if I get a job it will be set earlier.

Other Info:
I really love this guild, and I'm so happy that it's actually real.. no more dreaming Messie.

That was everything I had to say Smile .. thank you for your time. (This took about 2 hours to put together.. maha ^^)

Stay true to yourself & give nobody a reason to doubt you.


Last edited by Messaneo on Tue Dec 16, 2008 1:59 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Master: Messaneo   Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:40 pm

Ah, good to see you puting up a profile here.
Hope this idea will work out as I want it too.
And I see you have good taste in TV shows. I love the CSI series(all three) Althogh you haven't mentioned NCIS, that one is good too. Very Happy

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Registration date : 2008-09-16

PostSubject: Re: Guild Master: Messaneo   Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:52 am

You're a good drawer! And the movie choice is awesome... this is my first comment, so i just dropped by... And! I diden't really know FF Advent Children was a MOVIE!!! Where do i get it? scratch

You own!
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Master: Messaneo   

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Guild Master: Messaneo
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