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 Rules - All Forums

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PostSubject: Rules - All Forums   Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:15 pm

Forum Rules
Anyone who do not follow the rules will be warned and if repeated, temporarily banned from the forums.

* Listen to the Guild Master [Messaneo] and the Generals, their word is above all.
* Do not double, triple etc.. post if not stated that it's allowed.
* Follow the rules for the individual Forum sections (In the case there are any).
* Don't be afraid to speak freely, but keep it within reasonable limits.
* Use common sense, don't post stupid things, unnecessary cursing or anything in between.
* All forms of rasism, threats or pornographic content is strictly forbidden in all forums.

If you are completely unable to follow these rules, we preserve ourselves the right to ban the member without warning.
These rules can and most likely will be changed at irregular times, so make sure you know what the current rules are.

We aren't unreasonable. remember that Smile
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Rules - All Forums
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