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Circle of power wow guild (EU, Defias brotherhood)
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 Rules - Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Rules - Guild Rules   Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:37 am

Guild Rules
Social Guild: Circle of Power

Strict Rules:
* The word of Guildmaster [Messaneo] or General [Polynia] stands above all. Disrespecting this will not be tolerated.
* When joining as a new member, you will not recieve the rank "Member" until you register as a user of this Forum.#
* All forms of rasism, gender exclusion, illegal activities, harassment, pornographic reference etc. is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN
* Nagging and begging for higher ranks is prohibited. This due to begging that has occured in recent history,
* Violation will lead to 1. a warning, 2. demotion, 3. guild privileges taken away.. and finaly 4. kicked out of the guild.

How the Guildbank works:
*People of Trial status can't access the Guildbank at all.
*People of Member status or higher, can view the regular bank-tab, and deposit things into this.
*If you want to withdraw/obtain something from the Guildbank, send a requestmail (In Game) to Polynia or Messaneo.
*In the mail, write which item(s) you want to obtain, for what reason and why you should have it.
*The Guildkeepers will concider the request based on facts and reason, and then reply to your in game mail;
*If accepted, a mail including your item(s).
*If declined, a mail informing you of this.

*Note that we will contact each other irl for every item you want, so there's no point in trying to one-side the system.

Optional but Encouraged Rules:
* Be active, both In-Game and on the Forum.
* Circle of Power is a social guild, therefore, try to be social both in the Guild-chat and when you meet another member.

# Special exceptions may occur.
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Rules - Guild Rules
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